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Nitrogen Removal Applications

Efficient bulk removal from nitrogen rich feed streams

High nitrogen (N2) content in natural gas has always presented a challenge for the gas processor. Separation of N2 from methane (CH4) is difficult due to the similar chemical properties of both molecules. To date, the only efficient method for separating these components is via cryogenic distillation. This process, however, is complex and costly.

Membrane Technology

Cryogenic technology for nitrogen removal does not lend itself well to offshore processing where space, weight and operational simplicity are important. Air Liquide Advanced Separations' (ALaS) PEEK-Sep R-Guard membrane provides simple and efficient bulk N2 removal from natural gas. It can cost-effectively remove up to 50% of the feed N2 content versus any other technology even considering the compression requirements.  



  • Cost-effective non-cryogenic solution