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Syngas Ratio Adjustment Applications

Selective hydrogen and carbon monoxide optimization

When it's critical to maximize hydrogen rejection and carbon monoxide retention, Air Liquide Advanced Separations' MEDAL portfolio of membranes offers exceptional selectivity to ensure superior results.
H2 Syngas Ratio

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The Technology

Membranes are the simplest and most efficient means to selectively remove hydrogen (H2) from syngas to achieve a specific H2/carbon monoxide (CO) ratio. Syngas produced during gasification typically contains a higher than desired concentration of hydrogen and a non-optimal H2/CO ratio. Air Liquide Advanced Separations’ (ALaS) industry leading, high selectivity membranes adjust the ratio of H2 and CO to an optimal value by selectively removing hydrogen from feed gas until the ratio is sufficient for customer needs. Hydrogen permeates ALaS' high-selectivity membrane much quicker than carbon monoxide, alowing the amount of hydrogen removed to be controlled. This results in an optimized ratio and high quality hydrogen stream that can be achieved at a low pressure.

Shell Feed Separator
1,300 PSI (90bar) transmembrane pressure limitation

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  • Skid mounted systems cartridge design for simple installation
  • Automated & unrestrained turndown capabilities for ease of operation and safety
  • CO2 retention rates > 99% attainable
  • High permeability membranes for compact, low capital system design